Prevent “LONG” Disaster Recovery on “Hyper-Converged Ceph Cluster” with Proxmox V8, with “High Availability”

With a view to greater security and data protection, how do we implement additional security measures in the server room without destroying the budget of annual IT expenses?In the event of a serious accident (the OVH cloud fire in France in 2021, or the Godaddy fire also in France in 2024) in the Server Room, … Read more

How to set up replication on Hyper-V 2022 [step by step] with Active Directory off-domain self-signed certificates

Using Microsoft’s Hyper-V service with Active Directory Domain Hole Replication for authentication can be useful in the following scenarios: Disaster Recovery Scenarios: In disaster recovery scenarios, where replication of virtual machines between remote sites is necessary, the use of self-signed certificates can facilitate configuration without depending on constant domain connectivity or the loss of one. … Read more

Multidomain installation and configuration of HAProxy with WAF Coraza SPOA and OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set 4.0 – WordPress Rule Exclusions on Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS

Welcome, after having integrated the Waf Coraza 3.0.1 with HAProxy v2.4.2 via the coraza-spoa component with my previous guide “Installation and configuration HAProxy v2.4.22 with WAF Coraza SPOA on Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS” and the OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS) v4.0, let’s proceed with the simulation of a real multi-domain environment.We will configure a … Read more

Configuring Ubuntu 22.04 with gmail or another email via Postfix

Let’s set up our Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Server for email notifications, configuring Postfix as relayhost(smarthost).So as to avoid that programs that use the default Ubuntu email system such as Wazuh, Nut, Smartmontool, script, etc., can send valid emails directly from our server and which are rightly reported as spam. All pre-configured configuration files are available … Read more